Z-004 UART to Zigbee Converter (max. 1000m )


H2 Z-004 (  TI CC2530F256 + CC2591 )

Manual to Download

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Default Firmware(UART to Zigbee)
  • UART Default Parameters: 38400(Baudrate), None(Parity Bit), 8(Data Bits), 1(Stop Bit)
  • Support AT Command (e.g. Setting or Querying :  Roles, Baudrate, Transmission Power and so on

Technical Data

  • PCB Layers: 4
  • size: 34.0 * 15.1 mm
  • Material: RF special materials
  • Receiver sensitivity: -96 dBm
  • Input DC viltage: 2.1 ~ 3.6V (3.3v recommended)
  • Antenna: 2.4G antenna with IPEX interface
  • Transmission rate: max. up to 250 kbps
  • Transmission distance: max. 1000m (with 3 dBi antenna)
  • Configuration Script: AT command/PC Software
  • ZigBee protocol: ZigBee2007/PRO (Z-Stack)

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  • Availability: In Stock
  • Model: Z-004
  • Manufacturer: H-2 Technik

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