20cmx2 SMA female/Buchse to IPEX-4(MHF4) RF Cable - intel 7260/7265/8260/EM906E

2pcs SMA to IPEX4 PigTail Adapter 20cm

*We can not accept international order online with the flat-Rat shipping cost. If you want order from out of Germany, please contact us contact@h-2technik.com. Thank you for your understanding.

Technical Daten

  • IPEX-4 Plug
  • SMA(nicht RP-SMA) Female/Buchse adpater
  • 20cm length
  • RF 0.81 Cable
  • Anwendung z.B. intel 7260/7265/8260/EM906E Wireless Karte
  • Please notice the differenct between SMA und RP-SMA/Achten Sie bitte darauf, der Unterschied zwischen SMA und RP-SMA

  • WLAN Card e.g. intel 7260/7265/8260/EM906E
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Model: H2-2xIPX4-20
  • Manufacturer: H-2 Technik

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